Calibeth x Callen Runyan

Introducing Calibeth brand by Callen Runyan. This brand caught our eye with its laid back easy vibe with your child in mind. Calibeth steps out of its original 8 piece collection to nearly a 40 piece collection on its way this Fall! Callen draws from her early days as a kid having older siblings and has stayed true to her “Tomboy” vibe. Offering unisex and non gender prints, her signature “X” print as the base, she tells us the key to mixing and matching your bold and wild prints! Calibeth brand will have your littles playing up a storm with full expression!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: How did Calibeth come to begin? What’s the concept behind your brand?

CALLEN RUNYAN: I studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I always thought I would do womenswear, and then I realized I had a love for making prints, wild prints, prints that maybe not all adults could pull off? Around the time I graduated my sister moved to Atlanta with her kids, and her oldest, Reese, was fascinated by fashion and art.  I just began to research the kids market thinking I could really create something amazingly different by combining my prints and design background. Once I started I never looked back!

KM: We love the laid back vibe we get from Calibeth Kids! Tell us, what inspires your designs?

CR: When I first started designing Calibeth, I started with my city, Atlanta, and was trying to find what was missing. In the south, parents love smocked gowns and large bows.  To me, it’s a little old fashion.  Atlanta has restored so many great neighborhoods over the years, bringing new life and a totally new vibe to the city.  I see parents my age now wanting cool and easy and less southern traditional clothing.  Our clothes are meant for everyday kid adventure with a too-cool-to care spirit. We make clothes for real kids with really cool parents.


KM: What are some tips you’d give to our readers who are looking to mix & match?

CR: Prints to some people can be scary and then mixing prints together, people may think absolutely not! The easiest print mixing advice I can give is to mix a complex print with a simple black and white print.  That is why we provide our signature “X” print year round. It honestly goes with everything and we use it as a neutral. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Scale is also important, mix large prints with small prints. If you are still unsure with the whole mixing, a head to toe look in all the same print is also pretty awesome.

KM: What have been the most popular pieces from your collection, so far?

CR: Probably our Harem Pants, parents are buying them for girls and boys. They are super cozy and come in both of my favorite prints, I want a pair in my size!


KM: At what age did you start to notice fashion?

CR: I have been told from a very young age! My mother has photos of me dressed in my brother’s clothes from when I was two. Apparently I would spend hours in his room trying on different outfits and making a huge mess.  It kept me pretty entertained so my mother just let me do it despite my brothers feelings about it. Ha!

KM: What was your favorite thing to wear as a child, and why?

CR: I loved sneakers! I think I had all the latest Jordans and LA Gear a girl could ask for. I would totally freak if they got dirty. I was a tomboy and that’s just what I liked.

KM: Is there a must-have piece from your collection that our minis should have this summer?

CR: Our Jogging Romper or Peplum Romper. They are just easy, throw it on over their bathing suit or pair it with some gladiator sandals, top knot, and an amazing jacket for a dinner date in the city.


KM: What is the most important thing to consider when designing for little ones?

CR: You need to also think about the parents! I can come up with some pretty crazy designs, but I have to double check with my sister that it will be easy to take on and off, easy to wash, and all around just easy to relax in.

KM: What do you predict for the future of children’s fashion?

CR: Non gender specific clothing. Did I mention we have a few unisex pieces?


KM: Anything coming up that you are really excited about? We’d love to hear!

CR: Our new Fall 2016 line is something to talk about! We are pretty obsessed with the new “universe” inspired prints and we think you will be too!

KM: Where can our readers keep up with you on social media?

CR: Follow us @calibethkids on Instagram! We are always posting inspirational photos, styling ideas, and special sales.


For Fun:

KM: What do you think of Mini Maven?

CR: Inspiring, creative, and a tribute to kids fashion! Mini Maven is the perfect place to find the newest and greatest! I know a lot of my mom friends are so busy that they just don’t know what is in anymore, nor do they have time to find the new or already well established amazing brands out there. It’s an easy one stop place for a variety of parents.

KM: If you could go back in time, what style decade would you travel to and why?

CR: The 70’s, I think I could rock the hippie look;)

KM: Describe your personal style in three words

CR: street wear, quirky, slouchy.

KM: What is your biggest success up until now?

CR: Honestly, just watching the line grow! Our first season we started with 8 pieces! We are constantly learning, creating, and adding new designs and new prints season by season. Our Fall 2016 line has grown to almost 40 pieces.