House of Jamie x Barbara Gouka

Our latest crush comes to us from the beloved Netherlands, where spring may just be the most delightful place on earth!!! Introducing House of Jamie’s Spring collection, designed by the talented Barbara Gouka! It’s an exciting time for House of Jamie as they expand their size range to an 8!!! This collection continues with refined & playful designs, made of soft eco-friendly single jersey cotton in a playful array of classic colors, mother of pearl buttons and chic ruffles. With a focus on international expansion due to the high demand, House of Jamie may be knocking on your door sooner than you think!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: From where do you source your design inspiration?

BARBARA GOUKA: From my kids as they are my biggest inspiration! And also from Instagram and Pinterest.

KM: From start to finish, walk us through your design process!

BG: My ideas are captured in design/style sheets. We are sending this to our full production company, who develop the patterns and samples. Usually we have 2 or 3 sample rounds which we make adjustments for. It can be a hectic but also very inspiring process.


KM: Do your children play a part in your designs? How do they inspire you?

BG: They are my best fitting models J. Especially the oldest one, she loves wearing all my new designs.

KM: How do you make your brand stand out amongst the rest?

BG: We create a playful little universe! We have some unique selling points, like our famous bow tie, double faced fabric nursery essentials and our very stable basic year round collection.


KM: Tell us about your SS16 collection! What are the highlights?

BG: Typical for the new collection are the refined & playful designs, made of soft eco-friendly single jersey cotton. Breezy and comfy on a nice and warm summer day. Two new lovely colors are introduced; a cool Vintage Grey and a mini-version of our famous Breton fabric: Little Stripes. It’s a detailed collection with beautiful features, like mother of pearl buttons or chic ruffles.

KM: Any must-have pieces from your collection for summer?

BG: It’s hard to pick one favorite..:). But we love to highlight the suspender pants. You can play around with the suspenders for different styles, crossed in the back or front, or wear them straight for a classy look. Also the ruffled dress is such a cute and playful design.


KM: What is your favorite part about designing clothing for children?

BG: It’s so nice to create my own desires in clothing for my kids. And I am happy that I can provide the quality in my items. In line with the brand I stick to a certain style, but if my daughter Jamie could choose I will be designing pink glitter dresses in the future. And maybe I will someday.

KM: What is your absolute favorite material to work with, and why?

BG: We only work with 3 different fabrics, so I would go for all of them. For the year round collections we work with beautiful soft Italian fleece cotton. And for the warm summer days, we created a light cotton jersey. Our accessories are created of a mix between cotton and linen to give it a special look and feel.


KM: What can we expect to see in your upcoming AW16 collection that’s different from your previous collections?

BG: Off course we stick to the House of Jamie playful style. But we have exciting news to share; we are expanding our current size range from 4 until 8 years, with 2 bigger sizes. In the designing process this was top of mind. We will add new styles which will fit all ages. In terms details, we will keep you posted.

KM: What’s next for House of Jamie?

BG: Like mentioned, we are expanding until size 8. We are focused on international expansion, as we see more customers pop up from different countries. We are very happy with our current international growth and hope to serve more and more mothers all over the world.


KM: Do you plan on opening a brick and mortar store in the future?

BG: We will never exclude this idea… 🙂

For Fun:

KM: Favorite Quote?

BG: Passionate about work, but home is where the heart is.

KM: Would you describe your personal style as minimalistic?

BG: Yes minimalistic with a touch of glitter


KM: What was your personal style like as a child?

BG: Bold and girly

KM: Favorite season to dress for?

BG: Summer

KM: What do you think of

BG: We love it! It’s great in design, beautiful big images and a great platform to reach mommy’s in the US and around the world.