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The weekend is here and moms Rule!! Our May cover story starring Leah Forrester and her darling twins gave Mini-Maven some inside Scoop! With a reality show in full swing, (There Goes The Motherhood), 7 year old twins in tow, this Fashionista Stylist has Mini Maven in awe! Leah speaks from her heart about her parenting style, family life, her latest endeavors and how to keep it all together! This Mama is juggling more than you know!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: You are a mother to twins, a wife, creator of The Venice Supper Club, a stylist, and are on a new show! As a busy mom how do you juggle motherhood and your career? 

LEAH FORESTER: I like to strategize ahead for each day and plan EVERYTHING.  Once you have children…gone are the days of easy spontaneity!  It’s important that at the end of the day I feel fulfilled in having attended fully to the children and myself.  Being able to do all of that is a matter of being well organized and having a strong commitment my goals.  I get a lot of satisfaction from trying to “do it all” but I give myself a lot of forgiveness when I fail at one particular area.  Because the truth is we can do it all… but not all at the same time and sometimes one area of my life really suffers while another one thrives.  So being kind to myself and others when I’m feeling overwhelmed is key.

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KM: You have a new show on Bravo, “There Goes The Motherhood”. How did you first become involved and what’s the concept about? Any breakthroughs?  

LF: The show was created by parenting guru Jill Spivack of Sleepy Planet Parenting.  She’s been leading Mommy Groups for about 20 years and has a stellar reputation.  So I knew that any show with her name on it would have to be something of integrity.  Getting involved in reality TV was never a dream of mine!  But I am passionate about connecting with other women and I knew that this opportunity would allow me to share my experiences and ideas with the world.  So I signed on.

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KM: Tell us about your background in fashion, start was where? led you to what?  

LF: I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as i can remember.  My mother was very fashionable and used to ask me to style her when I was very little.  She gave me a lot of confidence in myself that way.  As a teenager I used to read Vogue magazine and dream of doing something in that world.  So when I heard about a job position in the PR Department at Vera Wang in NYC I jumped at the opportunity, picked up my life in LA and moved overnight.  That risk opened so many doors for me and I was able to work closely with many designers and fashion icons like Diane Von Furstenberg, Isaac Mizrahi and a long list of celebrities.  It was a really special time in my life.

KM: What inspires you most in life and from where do you summon your creativity? 

LF: Travel is a huge inspiration for me.  I love going anywhere I’ve never been.  Art inspires me deeply.  I love Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Frida Kahlo.  People who live on full volume and express themselves fearlessly and have big lives give me endless inspiration for creating my life that way too.

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KM: What has been the most exciting point in your career to date, and why? 

LF: I’d say right now is pretty magical.  All my years of being behind the scenes in PR, styling, event production…. it’s all led to right now.  It’s exciting to share the culmination of that with people on a grand scale now.

KM: What are your thoughts, mantras, or practices on maintaining the balance of being a good mother and a creative? 

LF: My children give me endless inspiration.  Im always including them in my work — asking their opinions, bringing them on set, filming the show with them.  My dream was always to create a career that allowed me to incorporate my family life.  The most foundational practice I have in my daily life is Nichiren Buddhist chanting, which is the mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  That’s the fuel of my life that gives me focus, keeps me compassionate and patient (sometimes!) and allows me to take a moment and look within.

KM: Whats your take on schooling kids? 

leah2LF: We are a media-less family so that drives a lot of our decisions with education.  I don’t believe kids need iPads to be educated or entertained.  Quite the opposite.  We want our children to be surrounded by nature, natural materials, old school crafts like knitting, and other things that are nurturing to the soul.  So we chose Waldorf as our method of education.  It has a beautiful way of respecting the spirit of a child while also letting them unfold into who they are.  Its slow education — no standardized tests or competitive ideals. There’s plenty of time in life for all of that.  We just want them to be imaginative kids who grow up to be kind and interesting adults.

KM: As a creative who expresses herself, What excites you most about children’s fashion? 

LF: I love seeing how the kids style themselves.  Its just amazing the incredible combinations they come up with!  That’s a wealth of inspiration for a stylist!


KM: What are your go-to brands for your minis? Any favorite stores? 

LF: I’m a big J Crew fan.  My kids play in dirt ALOT so clothes for them are something I don’t spend a lot of money on, However they want to express themselves so be it!

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For Fun:

KM: If you were a superhero, what powers would you have and why? 

LF: I’d have the power to heal others because I could alleviate suffering.

KM: What is your favorite summer holiday destination with kids?

LF: We love El Capitan Canyon campground in Santa Barbara.  Glamping is one of our favorite ways to get into nature and spend time together doing nothing.


KM: How would you describe your own personal style? 

LF: Rock n Roll Feminine.  Lace, Studs, Fringe, denim, leather & cashmere.

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KM: Were you a fashionista as a child? 

LF: Oh yeah!!!!  My favorite look was wearing an underslip from one of my fancy dresses with a cardigan and sneakers.

KM: What do you think about MINI-MAVEN.com? 

LF: Mini Maven is like Vogue for kids!  DIVINE!


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