Paade Mode AW18

The Paade Mode AW18 collection titled ‘Classbook Best Friends Forever is the perfect way to kick off the new school year! Inspired by the laughs and memories of lifelong besties, this collection has pieces that are as timeless as friendship. Classbook features multi-layered outfits that allow any fashionable student to mix and match everyday couture with high fashion accents. The collection’s use of velvet fabric, vivid patterns and embroidered lace allow minis to explore their individual personalities and shine both inside and outside of the classroom. Look stylish in bomber jackets, light cardigans and flowy dresses while roaming the hallways with your bffs. We’re already reminiscing about late night sleepovers and secret confessions in childhood diaries. Spice up your everyday school wear with this one of a kind, chic collection.

Paade Mode takes children’s wild imaginations and fuses it with trendy couture. Many of their collections include tailored high fashion looks that promise to make a statement no matter how casual the occasion. They are notoriously known for their quality accessories, custom design embroidery, and edgy color block patterns in every look. With an emphasis on maintaining children’s personality and overall sustainability, Paade Mode infuses elegance in everyday looks that create very versatile wear. This brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of kids’ fashion to produce well-cut outfits, and we cannot wait to see what they come up with next!