Kidpik x Ezra Dabah

Get ready for the latest approach to children’s fashion at your finger tips! Introducing Kidpik, by Ezra Dabah. This fashion giant has once again stepped out with a seasoned team of designers and insiders to create the ultimate shopping experience in fashion & style! Exclusively yours within just a few steps, Kidpik delivers hand selected boxes full of goodies for your girl, based on all her favorite styles, personalities and loves. Keep what you like and return the rest, with no strings attached! There is no doubt about it, this shopping experience will be a home run with your leading lady, keeping function, fashion and convenience in mind. Let the Kidpik Team curate the perfect array of pieces and build your mini’s stylish wardrobe, from top to bottom!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: We love the concept of Kidpik!! Tell us, what sparked it’s creation? Its very innovative.

EZRA DABAH: Kidpik is inspired by the busy, complicated lives we all lead.  It’s shopping reinvented. We want to make it easy for families to receive great fashion for their girls delivered directly to their home.  We recognize how enthusiastic people are in their response to the convenience of box shopping. It’s a time-saver for the shopper and surprises and delights their girl with fashion they won’t find anywhere else.


KM: How has your vast experience in the world of kids fashion led you to Kidpik?

ED: We’ve done it all in the world of kids fashion.  We take great pride in the quality and value that we have consistently delivered. Most recently, our experience with our kids fashion label RUUM, led us into launching kidpik. To meet our spring delivery, we are including some previously unreleased RUUM pieces to coordinate with our new kidpik collection. This has allowed us to offer a coordinated selection of spring clothing, from casual to dressy, with the very first kidpik boxes.

We see kidpik as the next evolution of shopping. We deliver exciting girls fashion directly to your home, with free shipping, no styling or membership fees, and no financial commitment, until you decide what you want to keep. We hope you’ll love our fashions, and if you keep the entire box, you will receive a 30% discount bringing the average cost per item to only $12.50.

That is an incredible value for kidpik’s style and quality.


KM: How do you accommodate the needs of the children? There are so many styles,  personalities and different fashion sensibilities out there?

ED: At, the style quiz helps us determine a girl’s style preferences, clueing our styling team on how to build an assortment for her.  Some girls like more tailored pieces, others love sparkle.  We are designing collections for different looks – for example, classic, trendy, or athletic — with options within the collections to address, for example, girls who prefer to dress more modestly.

We are hearing from everyone, that it’s an emotional moment to take the kidpik style quiz with their girls, seeing them express their likes and grow confident in their tastes. Based on the guidance from the style quiz, we build a five to seven piece clothing assortment, including a shoe and an accessory, all designed to coordinate.

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KM: Who is the Kidpik Customer? What ages will you cater to?

ED: We are focusing on girls 3-12 years, with sizes from 4-14.

KM: What fabrics will you focus on? Cottons, Organic, Silks, Jersey, a mix?

ED: We are working with mostly cottons and blends.  Stretch is important.  We want kids to be able to move and be comfortable.

KM: What is the most important thing to consider when styling kids? Function? Style? Comfort?

ED: It’s a marriage of all three really.  My team’s history and experience in this business give us a really good sense of what kids need and love and what mothers expect.


KM: We LOVE that every item is designed and curated in your NYC studio. Tell us, what’s your studio / workspace like?

ED: Our office on Union Square is a happy hubbub of designers, artists, merchants, and stylists.  It’s a close-knit team of people who have worked together for years.

KM: Will Kidpik collaborate with existing brands? Or are they private label, custom for Kidpik brand?

ED: Kidpik is our very own private label, customized brand, delivered directly to you.

KM: Do you see Kidpik expanding to boys clothing in the future?

ED: We may incorporate boys in the coming years.  We have had success with our boys businesses, but right now we are focused on making our collections for girls the best they can possibly be.


For Fun:

KM: What makes you laugh?

ED: My family, friends and my grandchildren.

KM: Where do you get your daily inspiration?

ED: TOTALLY from my family!

KM: As a child, was fashion a big part of your life?

ED: As a child, fashion wasn’t on my radar.  I became exposed to fashion when I started traveling to the Far East at the age of 19.  I was responsible for design and buying for our family business, Gitano.  Now, with several decades of experience in producing children’s fashion, I’m very proud of the style, quality and value we are delivering with kidpik.