Little Minis SS16

Comfort and Community come first for Design Duo Kelly and Tria of the popular brand, Little Minis. With a focus on the Mini Romper and this seasons favorite “shortie” in playful and vintage fabrics, the SS16 collection will become an instant classic for your little one! Little Minis has some BIG news heading your way with matching mother daughter looks set to launch in time for mothers day and news is they have decided to grow in size too, to include friends and older siblings too!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: Tell us, what was the inspiration behind your SS16 collection? 

TRIA MEISLER: Fields full of wildflowers and strawberry popsicles.

 KM: What are the highlights from your spring / summer 2016 collection? 

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: We obviously love love our dresses but the shortie has been my favorite. Also, we are doing a collaboration soon (shhhhh) with an incredible women’s line and we are doing their version of a adult dress and it’s incredible. We launch that for mothers day so mommies and babes can have a matching dress!

TRIA MEISLER: I love everything!!! The fabrics this season are all so lovely. I’m biased of course but I think it’s all amazing.





KM: How important is it to keep up with the changing trends? Do you care?

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: I don’t think we adhere to any trends. We certainly love what’s happening in kids clothing but we really just make things we feel is beautiful but also comfortable is key when making children’s clothing.

TRIA MEISLER: We love fashion! But don’t feel pressure to keep up with changing trends.



KM: Why do you think parents are increasingly more interested in what their children are wearing?

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: It’s so fun to dress your kids! I also think when you make something special, like a Little Minis that is using vintage dead stock, it instantly becomes a classic and something you want to hang on to.

TRIA MEISLER: I think there’s so much more to choose from – and incredible access to things that were hard to find in the past. Which allows more parents to make style and lifestyle choices that they identify with – for their kids.

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KM: What can parents learn by looking at style through the kids’ perspective? Do you let your little’s dress you sometimes? 

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: I think anything goes! I love letting Lily pick what she wants to wear because it’s always really bright and fun and creative.

TRIA MEISLER: Have fun with it! And yes – my daughter dresses me often. She’s a great stylist!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.01.35 PM

KM: What do you hope kids express with their style choices? Is comfort and function important to you when designing?

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: I’m big on comfort for kiddos. I want them to be able to get messy and creative while being comfortable and cute!

TRIA MEISLER: Comfort and function is extremely important to us. We spend a lot of time getting the fit right – which means our girls can run and jump and play with ease.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.14.33 PM

KM:  Are you looking to fill a gap in kid’s fashion?

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN:  I think as a company we are trying our best to fill a gap that is more conscience of what we put on our kids and where it’s made. I hope that more companies really gather together as a community and try to invest in people that care about who’s making their products and know that there is a family, a person, a value in the people who are working hard to produce pieces our children wear. I would love it to take out the big business mentality and bring back our local community. I don’t think we are trying hard to fill any gap, just build and participate in our community.

TRIA MEISLER: We are very happy to be part of a growing community of makers in the united states that are focused on sustainable business practices that take place in local communities. So I would say that our focus is less on filling any kind of perceived gap in kid’s fashion – and more on sustainable business practices that we can be proud of.



KM: What do you predict for the future of children’s fashion? 

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN: I think the people who are buying kids fashion are also choosing comfort and style. It’s hard to buy a piece that doesn’t feel good if it isn’t comfortable.

TRIA MEISLER: I’m constantly inspired by the growing community of small companies that make kid’s clothing locally – and/or in partnership with fair trade resources. I’m hopeful this trend will continue and grow.

KM: What’s next for Little Minis? Will you stick with dresses and rompers?

KELLY MCKEE ZAIJFEN:  We are growing in sizes! We are starting to make it for bigger kiddos because the demand has been so high. And of course adding boys soon!

TRIA MEISLER: Yes a broader size range! And – we always like to add a few new Styles each Season.



For Fun: 

KM: Three words that describe your style. 

KZ: Boho, Flowy, Simple., TM: Clean, Easy, Classic

KM: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

KZ: Sky Diving, TM: Mountaineering.

KM: What did you love to wear as a child?

KZ:I loved wearing anything that had ruffles!

TM: My longest running, number one favorite thing to wear was Wonder Woman under-oos. No question!!!

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KM: As a child, what was your favorite fashion accessory? 

K Z: I was really into the scrunchie. I loved on my head, around my wrists. Multiple colors. Was a big deal. OYE!, TM: My swatch watch.

KM: What childhood movie do you still love today?

KZ: Goonies! Or Stand by Me. I mean, those are just the best movies ever, TM: Same! Both so good.

KM: What do you think of Mini-Maven?

KZ: It’s an incredible curated and beautiful site that seems to tap into the perfect kids pieces. I always find new and interesting brands and amazing pieces for my kiddos.

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