Velveteen AW18

Explore the magic of Mother Nature with Velveteen’s FW18 “Woodland Players” collection. This collection is based upon nature’s beauty and the wonders that come with dancing through enchanted forests with butterflies and fireflies. Pieces with simple floral prints and soft patterns take us on a journey with woodland creatures away from the complications of reality. Faux fur jackets and knit beanies keep us cozy during the cool autumn nights. Cotton fabrics radiate gold accents that illuminate the buzzing night sky. Velveteen’s Woodland Players reunite this season to offer a captivating, carefree performance in the woods full of joyous melodies and contagious energy for all to enjoy.

Velveteen’s mission is all about taking the exuberant, fun-loving spirit inside all children and reflecting it into finely crafted clothing. Their collections often use hand-embroidery and Indian artisan techniques to create a sense of wonder and mystery into each and every piece. The brand is also dedicated to working with mothers who want to provide for their children and to working with children to receive a proper education. Velveteen strives let children experience the allure and freedom of childhood and explore this world of beauty and opportunity. With Velveteen’s unique fabrics and accessories, we can bring out the global child in all of us.